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slicing_peppersNo time to cook? We can help!

With today's busy lifestyles it's no wonder that take-out and other fast alternatives to home cooking have become so commonplace. One survey found that most people prefer to spend less than 15 minutes to prepare a meal!

Unfortunately, the trade-off for the convenience of fast dinners has been less healthy meals and less healthy Americans. That is, until SimplyPrept™ came along!

recipeA SimplyPrept™ cooking class can teach you how to prepare healthy meals at home in 20 minutes or less!

In addition to learning time-saving techniques, you'll also learn how to select and use healthier ingredients in your favorite recipes and how to save money by eliminating food waste.

Sound interesting? Then gather a group of friends and we'll schedule your own private SimplyPrept™ cooking class. Just send us an email and provide some information about your current life status (busy family, empty nest, single, celiac, etc.) so we can tailor your classes to suit your personal needs.

Happy, healthy cooking!

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