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Let's Have a Wine Tasting!

Are you looking for a unique party or gift idea? If so, we've got great news, because Buffaloberries™ now offers private wine tasting events!

Is Red Wine a Superfood?

Red wine is often categorized as a 'super food' because it contains powerful antioxidants. In fact, the effect of red wine on heart health is often referred to as “The French Paradox” because the incidence of heart disease in France is so much lower than the United States even though the French diet is traditionally rich in saturated fats. Experts attribute the difference to the protective power of red wine and smaller food portions. And because alcohol of any kind has been shown to increase good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce the risk of blood clots, most experts agree that a daily glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage can be beneficial to your health.

Red Wine At-a-Glance

  •  SUPER QUALITIES: Rich in powerful antioxidants
  •  GOOD QUALITIES: Increases HDL and lowers risk of blood clots
  •  CAUTION: Enjoy in moderation

french_paradoxSharing what we know about wine and it's benefits

One reason we enjoy sharing our knowledge of good wine is to help others learn about wine's proven health benefits. The other reason?—we enjoy it so much ourselves that we also want to share our love of fine wine!

Whether you and your friends are just starting to appreciate wine or have already developed palates for your favorite varietals, a private wine tasting is a great way to increase your knowledge and expand your horizons.

Where did we gain our knowledge?

Buffaloberries owner, Karen Johnson, previously owned Once Upon a Vine, a wine shoppe and wine bar/bistro in historic downtown Rapid City and carried a great selection of wines at Buffaloberries former storefront location.

While much of her research was done one sip at a time, in truth there was a lot of book research as well. Most of all, she likes to regularly seek out relatively unknown bargains that can deliver great taste without breaking the bank.

Here are the Details!

Let's say that your favorite red wine in a Pinot Noir. You know you like a particular label but you probably haven't had an opportunity to taste several different Pinot Noirs side by side. A blind tasting of several Pinot Noirs would be a great way for you to test your palate and determine your true favorite.

Before you invite your friends, we'll meet with you, the tasting host, to select the type of tasting (blind or open) you would like to have and to select the wines that you would like to taste and suggest food pairings you may wish to include.

Once your selections are made, your guests will be asked to purchase a particular wine to bring to the tasting (or you could choose to spring for all of the wine).  The cost of pricier wines can be shared by two or more guests. We'll let you know what retailers carry the wines you choose. 

We'll supply tasting glasses, water glasses, plates and cuttlery, napkins, and, of course, our expertise. The cost is $20 per guest (plus tax), with a 6-guest minimum and 12-guest maximum.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it?—So let's set a date and make the arrangements


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