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All Natural, Never Farmedwild_planet_tuna_can

Common supermarket brands of tuna just don't measure up to Buffaloberries™ strict ingredient standards.  We pay more for WIld Planet® low mercury albacore tuna because we want only the best for our customers.  Wild Planet® tuna is sourced from a fishery that operates exclusively off the west coast of the United States and British Columbia.

Naturally HIgh in Beneficial Omega 3

A 2 oz serving of most tuna brands has about 250 mg of Omega 3, but Buffaloberries™ select tuna has a whopping 1384 mg of Omega 3 (933 mg of DHA and 380 mg of EPA).  That's a lot of brain food!  That one serving also equates to 140% of the daily values recommended by the American Heart Association. By comparison, a 2 oz serving of salmon typically provides 700 mg of Omega 3.

Low Levels of MercuryTuna_Tale_Photo2

The tuna we serve at Buffaloberries™ is much lower in mercury than major supermarket brands for a couple of reasons.  Because the tuna is smaller and younger (no more than 3 years old), it has ingested much less mercury in it's lifespan. The clean, deep waters of the Pacific Northwest are also much less toxic than the waters fished and sourced by other major brands, so less mercury is ingested for that reason as well. While the US government requires fish to contain less mercury than 1 ppm (part per million), several states have more stringent requirements of .5 ppm.  Wild Planet® albacore tuna has .17 ppm versus .45 ppm in other national brands of albacore tuna.

Sustainable Fishing Methods

The troll/pole fishing methods used to obtain Wild Planet® tuna protects against the accidental "bycatch" of sea turtles, sharks, and other fish.  Since older, larger fish swim deeper than young fish, these methods also target the right fish populations.

For more detailed information, visit safetuna.com.

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