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A Guilt-Free Indulgence You Shouldn't Avoid

Almonds are tasty treats that pack fantastic health benefits. Although almonds are high in fat, the fat they contain is monounsaturated—the same type of healthy fat that is found in olive oil.

Multiple studies have shown that almonds reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. Specifically, almonds lower the small, dense type of LDL cholesterol that has been shown to cause the most danger.

Almonds also are packed with protein, rich in the antioxidant Vitamin E, and provide significant amounts of magnesium and potassium.

Slivered_AlmondsAlmonds Also Have the Unique Ability to Lower the Glycemic Index of a Meal

When eaten in combination with foods that have a high glycemic index, almonds have been shown to lower the rise in blood sugar that typically happens after eating high glycemic foods. That means almonds also provide protection against diabetes.

A daily dose of almonds has also been shown to help with weight loss efforts so go ahead and enjoy a proper dose of tasty, healthy almonds!

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