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Constant headlines about diet, nutrition, lifestyles and disease have left a lot of people feeling overwhelmed and confused. They want to make healthier choices they but don’t know where to begin or who to trust.

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Practicing healthy choices doesn’t have to be complicated. Our NutriTutor™ class can help to separate the facts from the hype and put you on a clear path to long-term health.

We Make Nutrition "Awesomely Simple"!

Charles Mingus, a 20th century American jazz musician and composer once said:

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; Making the complicated simple—awesomely simple—that’s creative."

We've worked hard to make healthy and delicious meal planning awesomely simple and our NutriTutor™ healthy eating seminar has also been designed for today’s busy lifestyles. We've compared recommendations from multiple, reliable sources to help you see where the experts agree, where they disagree, and why, so you can make confident food choices for you and your family.

We love holding private seminars businesses, church groups, and other organizations. And if you're interested in an individual or smaller group SimplyPrept™ cooking class, just send us an email and we'll set up the time and place.

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