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The typical American diet heavily favors inflammation-inducing Omega 6 fats over inflammation-fighting Omega 3 fats. You can improve your balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats by choosing olive, avocado and organic canola oils over corn, soybean, sunflower & safflower oils, by eating naturally-fed fatty fish and by choosing grass-fed meats and vegetarian-fed, cage-free eggs over corn fed meats and non-vegetarian fed, caged eggs.

Buying and storing oilsoil_rosemary

The fats you need the most are unstable compounds that have a tendency to spoil easily when exposed to oxygen. Therefore, it's best to buy olive oil, orgnanic canola oil, and organic toasted sesame oil in quantities that will be used in a few weeks or refrigerate to store.

Canola—Good or Bad?

There is alot of information on the internet about canola oil, but much of it is not based in fact. Canola is related to rapeseed but it is not the same thing. Canola, short for "Canadian Oil Low Acid", was selectively bred but not genetically modified from the rapeseed plant to have a low erucic acid content. Where rapeseed is a polyunsaturate, canola oil, like olive oil, is a monounsaturate. Both canola oil and olive oil are considered to be heart-healthy oils.

Here's the problem—most canola oil crops in North America (like most corn and most soybeans) are genetically modified to tolerate herbicides so it's important to choose non-GMO canola oil. All certified organic canola oil is non-GMO and there are some brands that are not organic but are certified to be non-GMO. We believe that GMO canola is a bad ingredient choice but non-GMO canola is a very good ingredient choice.

Buffaloberries™ Standards

Buffaloberries™ uses non-GMO, expeller pressed fats and oils in our recipes and menu items.

Expeller pressed means that the oil extracted by a mechanical press instead of a process that uses chemicals to extract the oil. Labeling regulations requires all oils labeled as EVOO to be expeller pressed only once and under strict temperature guidelines. The term "first cold pressed" comes from these requirements.

We also use organic, unsalted butter in lieu of margarine in our cooked and baked menu items. 

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