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Whole grains and starchy vegetables contain beneficial phytochemicals (plant chemicals) and antioxidants.  Whole grains and starchy vegetables often contain high amounts of dietary fiber as well.

Studies have shown that eating whole grains instead of processed grains lowers the risk of:whole_wheat_pasta

Stroke (30-36% reduced risk)

Type 2 diabetes (21-30% reduced risk)

Heart disease (25-28% reduced risk)

Whole grains have also been shown to lower the risk of obesity, asthma, carotid artery damage, inflammatory disease, colorectal cancer, elevated blood pressure, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Rationale for grouping whole grains with starchy vegetables

Unlike the United States Food & Drug Administration, the American Diabetes Association groups foods based on their carbohydrate and protein content instead of their classification as a food. Portion sizes also differ slightly to ensure similar carbohydrate contents per serving. Buffaloberries™ has chosen to follow this rationale for grouping whole grains with starches.


whole_grains_councilMaking better choices is easy when you look for The Whole Grains Council stamp displayed to the right!


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