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Buffaloberries™ Strives to Provide Understandable, Evidence-Based Nutrition Education

  •  We use a wide variety of educational tools and venues
  •  We hold educational seminars for businesses, community leaders, and the general public
  •  We continue to research and stay abreast of new science-based considerations


Buffaloberries™ Strives to Promote Environmentally Friendly and Fair Trade Practices

  •  We use earth-friendly sustainable and biodegradable paper and faux plastic products for all of our to-go breakfasts
  •  We buy in bulk and select environmentally friendly packaging whenever possible
  •  We recyle plastic, corrugated cardboard, aluminum, paper and glass
  •  We use and sell only fair trade certified coffee, tea, evaporated cane sugar and chocolate
  •  We pick-up our ingredients and supplies in a energy-efficient, hybrid Prius
  •  We avoid polystyrene (#6) and polyvinyl chloride (#3) plastics


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