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Buffaloberries™ is Committed to Protecting Planet Earth and Practices Good Environmentally Stewardship by


  •  Using biodegradable and recycled paper products for all our printing
  •  Using biodegradable and sustainable packaging for all to-go breakfasts
  •  Purchasing eco-friendly tuna from fisheries that have received certification of sustainability from the the Marine Stewardship Council
  •  Recycling plastic, corrugated cardboard, aluminum, paper, and glass
  •  Using an energy-efficient, hybrid Prius for all of our shopping needs
  •  Avoiding polystyrene (#6) and polyvinyl chloride (#3) plastics
  •  Using low voltage lighting and energy saving light bulbs
  •  Using induction and convection cooking appliances
  •  Using a powerless water-softening system
  •  Using a programmable thermostat system for heating & cooling


Buffaloberries™ is Proud to Support the Efforts of


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